PhageLab® has a new look


Our brand identity renewal campaign is one of the instruments designed to give voice, color and movement not only to awareness of the indiscriminate use of antibiotics but also to materialize our core values.

As scientists, our role and duty is to prevent this global threat to public health. As PhageLab evolves in research and development of solutions to respond to this challenge, our processes become more complex.

More vibrant colors, new characters and movement

We see the urgency of reinventing the tools we use to communicate our mission. And we find in the need to give visibility to science all the elements of this ecosystem that translate who we are and what we value.

1. MovEment

To support our content, we chose movement and layers as essential pillars. We have worked side by side with an animation studio to give depth to our topics and put action into every piece, from graphics, animations and videos that feature our headquarters.


The new intense color palette innovatively conveys our personality and spreads our purpose in an interesting, deep and energetic way. Talking about science is complex, but it doesn’t have to be monotonous.

3. CHARACTERS & Scenarios

There are many spaces that coexist and many beings that cohabit our brand and organization. From veterinarians to Artificial Intelligence, we want to show who we are. The new characters represent the sphere that permeates the scientific and technological aspects of PhageLab.

4. Habitat

Explore this new environment! We created a space for a constant flow of information and knowledge about science to promote an exchange of what we do and what you can do to help in the fight against bacterial multi-drug resistance.

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