An illustrious visitor

We received Dr. Luiz Felipe Caron recently, one of the most important scientists in the agro-industry in Latin America, and got to show him our lab and offices. There were many good conversations, and we even got to talk to him about his thoughts on why biotechnology is so essential in agro-business processes.

Read his thoughts on the subject below:

When we think of biotechnology as a tool, it allows us to seek objectives, to seek elements that replace some of the conventional strategies to combat many diseases, for example.


So, in this focus, when we think of animal production, especially in Latin America, as a major food provider, both plant and animal, we have seen in recent years a substantial advance in detection, that is, in diagnostic capacity, to realize the great diversity of challenges that we have and, from this, generate control systems that escape from those conventional and that the market questions so much, often associated with the generation of resistant bacteria or with the inability to control many challenges.


In this sense, from biotechnological tools, […] with molecular strategies today, with the development of new products, we will be able to access processes that until now we have not been able to, with new experiences and, with this, achieve the mitigation of these challenges in the field, which consequently, will achieve what interests us.


*This quote was translated to English from Portuguese

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