Our development for MSD

We developed PHAGEIN as one of the latest MSD products, a powdered food additive designed to prevent infectious diarrhea caused by E. coli and Salmonella spp in lactating ruminants. It uses a specialized cocktail of bacteriophages to combat these highly-infectious bacteria and it does not interfere with calves’ normal gut microbiota.

This product has multiple attributes both in its composition as well as its easy directions.
    1. Considerable decrease in diarrhea incidence and mortality due to bacteria.
    2. Decrease antibiotic use by 70%
    3. Easily administered in the field.

PHAGEIN is a product specially designed to support comprehensive treatments to protect calves and to improve their quality of life, positively affecting their performance.

Learn all about it by watching the video below:


PhageLab® is registered as a trademark in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Europe and United Kingdom.

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