New MSAT team

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Our process has a new area that makes it faster and better.

Our Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) squad bridges our Research and Manufacturing teams, playing a significant role in improving our operation. We arranged a short Q&A session with our Head of Manufacturing, Science & Technology, Daniel Castillo, to explain this new link in more detail.

Daniel Castillo
1. Can you tell us more about this new area and how it works?


MSAT is one of the most “emerging spots” in biotechnology companies. One of its main functions is to drive improvement in the production of biologics products, which results in better robustness and efficiency of manufacturing performance. This entails the MSAT team being responsible for research on scale-up and validation processes, technology transfer, manufacturing support and search for the latest technologies. Thus, using the combination of science and technology, MSAT transforms experimental results into manufacturing capabilities.

2. In what way does this team connect Research and Manufacturing?


It is the meeting point between the Research Projects & Phages (RP&P) and the Manufacturing areas. After discovering new bacteriophages and developing a new cocktail prototype, MSAT provides a strategic platform for optimizing phage production. This coordinated team effort gives tactical and strategic technical support to the Manufacturing team that translates into continuously improving production for phage projects.

3. How does it make our whole operation at PhageLab® better?


At PhageLab®, MSAT includes a multidisciplinary team of microbiologists and engineers, which provide comprehensive solutions from multiple points of view for bacteriophage projects. This human scientific expertise permits playing a key role in developing initiatives and strategies for the continuous improvement of bacteriophage proliferation. Today at PhageLab®, scale-up processes, design of experiments and scale-down modeling are faster and conditioned to several bacteriophage-host systems. Thus, our team is in a position to manage bacteriophage projects from multiple customers in the animal production sector. 


PhageLab® is registered as a trademark in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Europe and United Kingdom.

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