Goiano Poultry Symposium

The 16th Goiano Poultry Symposium (XVI Simpósio Goiano de Avicultura) is an important technical event in the poultry farming industry held every two years in Goiânia, Brazil. There, you can find a mixture of professionals, researchers, and relevant actors from the poultry sector discussing the latest innovations, challenges, and everything in between.

Amidst debate sessions and networking the attendees could participate in different talks on all kinds of topics, ranging from managing nutrition to the relevance of data.

Our team was there to soak in the knowledge and be a part of the event. Nicolás Ferreira, our co-founder and Sales Director, shared some interesting insights about the symposium, read it below:

It was very interesting to participate in the symposium to learn firsthand about the reality of poultry farming in Goiás, through the stories of large companies, families, and individuals who have shaped what it is today.

In addition, the technical talks were truly enriching, covering diverse subjects and highlighting a very relevant issue for us: the use of data management as a tool for improving animal health, disease prevention, and control, and the rational use of antimicrobials, among other things.

Together, this allowed us to understand how Goiás has become the fourth largest poultry production state in Brazil, focusing on a chain of high productivity and cooperation among companies, suppliers, universities, and other stakeholders.

At our company, we are committed to contributing to the industry by increasing productivity, reducing losses, improving margins, and supporting our partners through the delivery of high-tech diagnostic technology and bacterial control products, thereby fostering an even stronger poultry sector.



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