A solid and skilled
team with experience
in animal health.

Nearly 100 talented individuals from different disciplines working together to solve a new bacterial outbreak.


Hans Pieringer

Chief Executive Officer

Pablo Cifuentes

Chief Technology Officer

Loreto Villalón

Chief Legal Officer

Sabrina Torgan

Chief Financial Officer

Bruno Bezerra

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Nicolás Ferreira

Sales Director

Vivian Julio Amdan

Director of Finance

Patricia Hansen

Chief of Staff

Carolina Aros

Head of Marketing & Communications

Alexa Siebert

Project Manager

Camilo Avendaño

Key Account Manager

Nestor Roca

Head of Technology Management

Nicolás Cifuentes

Head of Research Project & Phages

Luis Leon

Director of Computational Biology & Data Science

Daniel Castillo

Head of Manufacturing, Science & Technology

Soledad Ulloa

Head of Molecular Diagnostics

Mauro Canaval

Director of Global Regulatory Affairs

Jaime Lobato

Head of Procurement

More than 10 years of development and growth

These are just a few of the many milestones that demonstrate our commitment and duty as scientists.

Bayer Partnership

Bayer was our first international partner who distributed our product for calves in the Latin American market

MSD Partnership

We consolidated our presence in the region, closing an important distribution agreement with MSD, one of the most important multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world.

New high-tech laboratory

We left behind a small lab to settle in the Innovation Center at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. A new house, loaded with state-of-the-art technology and science.

LEIDEN is born

Our own epidemiological analysis platform allows us to identify complex infectious microorganisms and to find phages that can fight them effectively.

Big investments, great partners

A large capital raise was facilitated by Kaszek and the Humboldt Fund, both prominent Latin American investment firms.

Brazil arrival

We brought our tailor-made bacteriophage treatments to one of the world’s largest poultry industries.

A swifter diagnosis

In our constant optimization and improvement of processes, we’ve reduced the time required for diagnosis from one year to one month.

World-changing solutions

PHAGEIN is a product developed by us and distributed by MSD, one of the most important biopharmaceutical companies in the world.

Our Culture

Our mission permeates everything we do: to defend the world as one health. Our corporate culture is a tremendous factor in the success of that purpose.

We bear witness to the ideals of respect, professionalism, and diversity. They allow us to make better decisions and create a supportive environment for everyone who takes part in our team.

Our principles

Believe in science

Dare to do things differently, trust the data and apply what you have learned.

Strive for mastery

Embody a mindset that pledges to do things in a fast and clever way.

Drive change

Embrace challenges and opportunities as part of the growth, always have a plan that can adapt.

Race to win

Never lose sight of the goals, yours and your team’s. Do your best but do it consciously.

Behave responsibly

Always act with integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

Act as one

Teamwork is crucial. Collaborate with everyone while respecting differences.

Join our team

We are ensuring a better future through science that works, a real
lifetime opportunity to change the world while being accompanied by a talented team in a company with global goals and standards. Come on, join us in our “Army of Phagers”.