Developing sustainable, tailor-made solutions in record time to control bacterial outbreaks in the livestock and poultry industries

We partner with poultry and livestock producers to develop tailor-made antibacterial solutions. Through an AI-powered streamlined sample protocol, we target and eliminate specific bacterial pathogens. We ensure long-term farm health by providing fast, precise diagnosis and solution development.

Full-range analysis of in-field bacterial samples

We offer in-depth, rapid data analysis of target bacteria. Our bioinformatics platform provides an in-depth analysis where we rapidly handle sample processing and sequencing, generating actionable data of the bacteria in record time, learning its virulence, antibiotic resistance, and their origin in industrial settings.

Optimal bacteriophage combinations for in-field targeted bacteria

In a decade of extensive data collection, we have committed ourselves to developing sustainable solutions that promote animal health. We developed a machine-learning approach to select the bacteriophage combinations that best target and inhibit specific customer bacteria.

Our partners and collaborators

Partnering for better animal health

We collaborate with customers to create customized antibacterial solutions, offering a streamlined sample protocol and constant support to ensure effective control of complex bacterial challenges.

Rinse Jan Boersma

Founder and partner Beluga Animal Health

“Amazing what the PhageLab team is building” “…to hopefully help humanity survive the global bacterial threat. Had no idea how critical the antibiotics challenge is becoming, and glad to know that they, with the help of AI and bacteriophages, can solve it”.

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