Terms and Conditions (Of use)

Updating date: 08/01/2024

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This site establishes the terms that govern the use that you, as a guest, may give to our website (“Website”). We urge you to carefully read these terms of use (“Terms of Use”) prior to using the Website.

By visiting, accessing, participating of, supplying data, using and/or navigating within the Website, indicates that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use, and that you are committed to abiding by them. Should you not be in agreeance with these Terms of Use, we request that you abstain from using our Website.

Temporarily accessing our Website is permitted, reserving the right to withdraw or modify services provided by our Website without prior notice (see below). We do not assume any responsibility due to lack of availability of our Website, irrespective of the moment and duration of said unavailability. From time to time, we may restrict access to certain sections of our Website, or to the entire Website, for those users that have registered with us.

You are responsible for performing all action necessary to obtain access to the Website. On the other hand, you are also responsible for any person that may access the Website using your internet connection and having been previously informed on these Terms of Use, and being in compliance with the same.

You may use the Website for lawful purposes only. In consequence, you may not use our Website:

  • In any manner that is in contravention of any law or regulation, whether foreign or domestic.
  • In any manner deemed unlawful or fraudulent, or that is done for unlawful or fraudulent ends or results.
  • To transmit or facilitate the sending of advertising or advertising materials that are not requested or authorized, or any other analogous means of obtaining clients.
  • To perform unauthorized access to our information systems or to third-party networks.
  • For commercial purposes.

The following is categorically prohibited: (i) the copying, modification, adaptation, translation, reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembly of any portion of content or and/or of the Website; (ii) the use of content on any other website or computing environment for any purpose without prior written consent from PhageLab; (iii) the reproduction and/or communication of the content by any means, given that access thereto is granted personally and for the users’ sole use; (iv) interference with or interruption of the Website’s proper operation; (v) the sale, licensing or exploitation of content and/or any other kind of access and/or use of the Website; (vi) the infringement, in any manner, of the present Terms of Use.

From time to time, we may be able to provide interactive services through our Website, including (but in no case limited to) chatrooms or bulletin boards. For said cases, we will provide clear information on the type of services being offered, if said service is moderated or not; and, in the case of the affirmative, the way moderation is being performed (including whether the moderation being offered is human or technical).

We will do everything possible to evaluate potential risks for users (and in particular, for minors) caused by third parties that use any interactive service made available on our Website, with the purpose of determining the need for moderating the service in question (including the type of moderation to be performed), within the function of said risks. However, we are not obligated to control, supervise or moderate any interactive service that we provide, and we expressly disclaim any liability for damages or losses that could be derived from the improper use of any interactive service by a user that infringes on our rules of content, irrespective of whether the service was moderated or not.

The use of the Website by a minor is subject to prior consent being granted by his/her parents or legal guardians. We stress the need, to the parents allowing their children to use the interactive Website, to ensure children are conscious of the importance of online safety, given that moderation is not infallible. Minors ought to be conscious of the potential risks that they may be subject to.

Should there be moderation of interactive services, the commonplace practice will be to make the means to contact the moderator available, should a concern or problem arise.

According to our own criteria, we will determine whether there has been a case of breach of these Terms of Use based on use given to the Website. When breach of these Terms of Use arises, we will adopt the measures that we deem to be appropriate, including but in no way limited to, the following measures:

  • The immediate, temporary or permanent revoking of right to use the Website.
  • The immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any publication or material uploaded to our website.
  • The issuance of a warning.
  • The filing of legal action against you, requesting the full refund of all expenses by way of indemnification (including, among others, administrative and legal fees) that may arise as a result of breach.
  • Additional legal actions.
  • The filing of claims before the competent authorities, should we consider it reasonably necessary to do so.

We will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for measures that are adopted as an answer to breach of these Terms of Use.

All of the information contained on this Website is for educational or informative purposes. In no way should the Information be construed as being veterinary advice or medical-professional advice on the part of PhageLab Chile SpA, or from any one of its related corporations, affiliates or persons as defined by existing Chilean legislation, at the time of the updating of the present Terms of Use (hereinafter jointly referred to “PhageLab”), and/or from those would eventually issue reports, articles, comments, dissertations, expositions, notes, etc., and that are published on the Website (“Publications”).

It is hereby set for that neither PhageLab, nor the Website, nor any of those that issue Publications, perform through the Website, any advisory activity, or diagnosis, or veterinary treatment, or product exercise or trial; rather, they provide the information to expand knowledge on health-related issues. The information is merely descriptive and general in nature, and does not contemplate, nor does it aim to contemplate, all diseases, symptoms, malaise, or physical or psychological conditions related to various animals.

It is important that all those that have access to the Website consider that all materials contained herein, are included with the sole purpose of providing additional reference information with regards to the advances being made in the world of animal health and of the use and application of bacteriophage in human and in animal health.

Regardless of our reasonable efforts at the time of producing this Website, we are not responsible for the decisions made by any person or entity, irrespective of the place of their residence or location, as a direct or indirect consequence of the information contained in, or accessed on, this Website, and regardless of whether the information was provided by us or by third parties. None of the content of this Website is to be construed as PhageLab’s intention to provide any counsel, advisory, recommendation, or to give specific solutions or final answers to any kind of health issue, diagnosis, or to recommend treatment or to prescribe products that may be contained or exhibited therein. Given the constant progress and developments in animal health, the information contained on this Website may not be continually updated; and, it is for this reason that the information is provided “AS IS” and “DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY”.

We do not offer any express or implied guarantee, representation or commitment, in relation to any content on this website (specifically, but in no wise limited, in relation to current reality, to validity, preciseness, integrity or suitability for any concrete end, of said content; nor with regards to the results obtained by use of the website being free of mistakes or of being trustworthy).

You accept that the use of the information obtained, or downloaded from the Website, is done at your sole discretion and under your own risk. Certain jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implicit guarantees; therefore, the foregoing will not be applied in said jurisdictions. Any information provided on this Website is not intended to substitute specialized counsel. The information on products provided on this Website may vary depending on the country. You should consult with a duly qualified professional before making any decision based on any information contained on this Website.

Nothing contained on this Website is to be deemed as an invitation to finance, invest or negotiate in shares, ADRs or any other kind of security or instrument, in PhageLab. The real results, or the developments, may be materially different to any provision, opinion or expectation expressed on this Website. The performance of the aforementioned activities should not be indicative of the future performance of the same.

As allowed by Law, we (PhageLab) and third parties related to us, are expressly disclaimed from:

  • All conditions, guarantees, and other terms that may be implied by law.
  • Any liability resulting from direct or indirect losses or damages, or suffered by any user in connection with our Website, or with the use, inability to use, or as a result of our Website, any website related to this, or to material published on the same; including but in no way limited to any liability arising from (i) loss of revenue or benefits; (ii) loss of business opportunities; (iii) loss of profit; (iv) anticipated loss of savings; (v) loss of data; (vi) loss of reputation; and (vii) any other loss or damage of any kind, irrespective of whether it should arise as a consequence of fault (including negligence), contractual breach or others, even if it were to be predictable.

The foregoing does not affect our responsibility due to malice/willful intent, death, or physical damages derived from our negligence, as well as any other liability that cannot be disclaimed or limited in accordance with the existing law.

We do not guarantee that the functions contained on the Website are to be available without interruption or are to be exempt from any mistakes; or should there be mistakes, that these have been corrected. Furthermore, we do not guarantee that this Website or the server that houses the same, are free of viruses or issues.

This Website’s intellectual property rights, and those related to the materials published thereon; including, but in no way being limited to documents, files, texts, images, RSS feeds, audio files, podcasts, video files, flash tutorials, graphics, devices and codes contained in the same, as well as the Website’s appearance, belong to us or to third-party licensors. Said works are protected by applicable copyright legislation, being thereby reserved.

You are authorized to create a single copy and to print excerpts or documents from this Website (save for the content that belongs to third parties, and is identified as such) for a single, personal and non-commercial use, so long as said copy or print retains all copyrights or any other notice on property rights and liability disclaimers contained in the same. All names, identifying signs, or trademarks belonging to PhageLab may not be used or reproduced without the latter’s prior written consent. Our condition (and that of any identified contributor) of material authorship of content on our Website, is to always be acknowledged.

Besides what has been previously indicated, the partial or total reproduction of the Website’s contents in any manner, including the composition, creation of derived works based on this Website and/or its content, as well as its incorporation onto other websites or recovery or publishing system services, is prohibited. Any diagram, illustration, photograph, video, audio, or graphic sequence may be used separately from any accompanying text. No link contained on the Website may be included on any other website without the prior written consent issued by PhageLab.

We cannot guarantee that you have the right to use the content made available on this Website when it belongs to third parties. Therefore, we will be required to obtain permission from the latter before using and/or downloading said content. Copyright-protected content may not be modified, nor can the copyright notices that appear jointly on the content, save that express consent has been granted to do so.

Save for permission indicated previously, none of the Website’s content is to be construed as being a granting of any right or license pertaining to the Website, to its content, and/or to the trademarks belonging to PhageLab.

All of the product names that appear on this Website belong solely to PhageLab Chile SpA, or to any one of its related companies, except for those brands that are identified as belonging to other companies, all rights being reserved.

Should you provide any material for its inclusion on this Website (including, but in no way being limited to: personal information, knowledge, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, abstracts, or anything analogous), you hereby accept that: (i) said material shall not be deemed confidential; (ii) said material shall not be considered registered; and (iii) you issue to us, an irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, divulge, copy, modify, adapt, publish and translate all or part of said material for any end whatsoever without restriction. We reserve the right, according to our own criteria, to withdraw or eliminate any material, without prior notice, that is enabled for its inclusion on this Website. You hereby authorize us to disseminate your identity to any third party that would allege that the material either published or uploaded by you onto our Website, constitutes an infringement of their intellectual property or data protection rights. Your personal information shall be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You may not establish links that lead to our Website without our prior written consent. Once said consent has been obtained, any link must be presented fairly and legally, without there being harm to our reputation by doing so, and under the supposition that there is no undue use of the same. You may not establish a link from a website that is not your property.

This Website is not to be linked to any other Website, nor may links be created to any one of our Website sections that may be different from the main site of the same, save there should be prior consent provided, as indicated. We reserve the right to withdraw any consent granted in relation to the link, without any prior notice. The Website where links are to be included, are to comply with this legal notice and terms of use.

This Website may include content belonging to third parties (for example: articles, library images, data sources and abstracts), as well as links or hyperlinks to third-party websites. We do not control third-party websites, nor the previously indicated content that is available through our Website, or available on the same. We do not promote, sponsor or recommend websites or contents belonging to third parties; therefore, we are not responsible for the same, nor for the availability of these. Specifically, we do not accept any responsibility derived from any claim in relation to the content owned by third parties (whether it be published on this site or any other website), that infringes upon any person or persons’ intellectual property rights, or responsibility derived from any information or opinion included on the third parties’ website or content.

We reserve the right to modify any part of this Website and its Terms of Use at any moment, without prior notice. Any modification to a legal notice or to Terms of Use shall be in force as of the following time of access made to this Website. You have the responsibility review the present legal notice and terms of use at every time of access so as to know of the changes made, given that they are mandatory. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we are not obligated to maintain this Website updated. Should it be necessary, we may suspend access to the Website or impede access indefinitely.

Terms of Use are governed by Chilean law. User hereby establishes their domicile in the commune and city of Santiago, and submit themselves to said courts of law.

If you have doubts, comments, questions or observations, you may contact us by way of email addressed to [email protected], or you may write us directly using the contact form found on our Website.