PhageLab Chile SpA (“PhageLab”) may publish content varying in nature on its websites, systems or internet-accessible networks (“Sites”), as well as third-party publications. However, that which is expressed in said publications does not necessarily represent the vision of PhageLab, the latter not being held responsible for the opinions expressed in said publications. If you consider that any of these contents infringe upon your copyrights or upon those of your principal, PhageLab will communicate this to the person responsible for uploading and publishing said contents to the Sites, providing all data relating to the claim presented on the grounds of possible unauthorized use. Should the law demand it, or should there be plausible indicators of possible third-person copyright infringement, PhageLab shall proceed to disable the content at hand, in accordance with the procedures set forth hereinafter:

If you detect any infringement of your copyrights on our Sites, you will have to proceed in accordance with the mechanism set forth in Article 85 Q of Law 17.336 on Intellectual Property.

Should there be plausible background information pertaining to copyright infringement of the author or of the principal thereof, PhageLab shall proceed to disable the content in question, notifying, for these intents and purposes, the person responsible for the uploading and publication of the content, providing all of the information related to the claim filed due to possible unauthorized use.

There shall be plausible background information when:

  • The work considered to be infringed upon has been registered before the Intellectual Property Department under his/her name, or under the name of his/her principal; or
  • It has been divulged using the © symbol, in front of the year of the first publication, and under his/her name or under the name of his/her principal.

Should plausible background information not exist, PhageLab shall limit itself to communicating the claim to the person responsible for uploading and publishing the content to the Sites. To present a claim, we ask that you complete and send this form.

PhageLab will not process claims presented with information missing from the form.