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Salmonella in the poultry industry

Salmonella is a genus of bacteria containing two species and more than 2500 serovars. It is a major foodborne pathogen that can cause a variety of illnesses ranging from self-limiting gastroenteritis to severe systemic infection and death, both in animals and humans. Animals are infected with this pathogen by eating contaminated food or inheriting it from their mothers before they are born or hatched. Salmonella infections are a huge public health concern and hamper animal husbandry efforts worldwide.


A tailor-made zootechnical additive based on bacteriophage technology, capable of inhibiting the most prevalent serovars within a geographical location. Exclusively for use in chickens during fattening and rearing. Contributes to reducing Salmonella spp loads.


Agribusiness Advisor

“Today, in high-quality animal production, there is a need for products that safeguard the values that need to be inherent in unique health, preserving fundamental concepts such as animal health, rational use of antibiotics, animal welfare, productivity, low loss. All of these characteristics are reinforced by the use of INSPEKTOR – B, a contemporary tool that adheres to the real needs of different production systems, customizing the application and meeting the needs of each production system.”

Highly specific for a better performance.

Advantages and method of use

The bacteriophages used in the product are exclusively lytic.

The bacteriophages used in the product do not contain genes from the host bacteria.

The bacteriophages used in the product do not contain antibiotic-resistance genes.

The bacteriophages used in the product do not contain genes encoding bacterial toxins.

Easy product administration

INSPEKTOR®-B is administered on poultry farms every 2 days during the whole fattening or rearing period.

1 liter of the product is enough for 20,000 birds.

Each bottle of INSPEKTOR®-B contains detailed step-by-step instructions to ensure correct application on the farm.

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