It’s time to welcome our Formulation Lab!

It is time we announced the opening of our latest laboratory, designed to help drive growth and innovation at PhageLab® from chemistry.

The Formulation and Process Development Laboratory offers us new tools and resources for the development of our customized products according to the needs of our clients and the territory where they are located.

What do our cocktails contain besides phages? Well, they know it.

Read how our new lab helps improve our production process from none other than Mauro Leiva, our Principal Scientist of Formulation & Process Development.

1. What does this lab do?

The Formulation and Process Development Laboratory comprises an area that seeks to optimize the product and current manufacturing systems, considering an improvement in the environment where our bacteriophages operate through the inclusion of different chemical components that will provide better stability, optimal requirements for preserving the product, and the design of dispensing technologies, among other factors that favor the application and effectiveness of our solutions.

2. How does it work at PhageLab®?

It’s a link between the Production, MSAT, and Research Projects & Phages (RP&P) areas, since to achieve an optimized product, the interests and conditions of these areas must be taken into account. The Formulation and Process Development Laboratory serves as a springboard from product design and pilot-scale manufacturing to manufacturing a finished product that meets all the quality specifications required by our customers.

3. How does it help our process?

Formulating a product with its respective manufacturing design drives efficiency, quality, and performance improvement by evaluating risks and conditions before industrial manufacturing. The goal of this area is to deliver built-in quality throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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