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The definition of biosecurity can be summed up in one word: barrier. In this episode hosted by Matias Rothhammer, customer success & marketing director at PhageLab, our guest Dr. Luiz Felipe Caron explains the importance of a safe environment and explores the new tools that are needed to eliminate health challenges and keep moving forward with the animals’ performance.

Listen to: 

  • Understand the importance of the nutritional immune system in broiler breeding
  • Learn about the capacity of biosecurity and how it impacts the production
  • Make sense of the link of nutrients, time and energy in breeding

Yeah! Science is a podcast created and produced by PhageLab. It brings together representatives of the pharmaceutical, scientific, business, and veterinary communities to foment and instigate debate, ideas and generate inputs to facilitate the understanding of the global context of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections.

It approaches different facets in this sphere, such as cutting-edge treatments, cross-cutting problems of animal protein production, methodological innovations in diagnostics, new dynamics in the development of animal care therapies and consequences for humans and the planet. 


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